SRBC Associate Pastor Search


April 2018


The Associate Pastor is a man of God uniquely gifted for urban ministry. He serves under the authority and direction of the SRBC Senior Pastor, by the appointment and guidance of the Board of Elders.  He shares in shepherding and caring for the church fellowship, and he establishes and maintains ministries and projects in support of the church vision.

Specific responsibilities include:

  1. Develop & cultivate church wide discipleship: Under the direction of the Senior Pastor, and with assistance from staff, elders, and ministry leaders, provides leadership to define ways of fulfilling the SRBC Vision and Mission statement. The Vision and Mission are respectively. To faithfully raise up disciples of Jesus Christ and To glorify God by knowing, loving, and serving Him as a unified body, impacting the world for Christ.
    1. Evaluate, recommend, and facilitate the adoption of relevant discipleship models that provide for Biblical truth, Christian living mentoring, and spiritual multiplication.
    2. Raise up leadership and provide strategic guidance in areas of assigned responsibility, developing projects, and plans to ensure advancement toward spiritual maturity.
    3. Recommend curriculum that will support advancing SRBC ministries toward the church’s mission, vision, and goals.
    4. Facilitate the transformation of current church ministries into a disciple-based focus.
    5. Help recruit and train believers into the development and execution of their spiritual giftedness.
    6. Initiate intentional, regular interactions that foster communication, coordination and consistency in ministry programs to advise and monitor transformation to discipleship based ministries.
    7. Develop strong biblical ministry leaders by actively overseeing, supporting, mentoring, and encouraging ministry leaders.
  1. Preaching and Teaching: Preach and teach God’s word in spirit and truth with clarity in a variety of settings as assigned by Senior Pastor and in support of the Senior Pastor as the primary preaching pastor.

Other general staff responsibilities include:

  1. Regularly participate in Staff meetings and activities as assigned by the Senior Pastor.
  2. Supervise full and part-time staff as assigned by Senior Pastor. Actively participate in development of performance objectives and annual reviews.
  3. Assist and perform personal and relational counseling as assigned by Senior Pastor, providing regular updates to the Senior Pastor.
  4. Conduct weddings, funerals, etc., as needed/assigned.
  5. Maintain the Biblical integrity of theology and staff representation to the SRBC body.
  6. Ensure that strategic ministries are consistent with the church vision to raise up healthy and fruitful followers of Jesus Christ.
  7. Work to build relationships in the community and represent SRBC at external functions as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

The Associate Pastor shall fully endorse and support the Biblical and theological orientation of the leadership of SRBC as expressed in the Church’s Constitution.   Because the Associate Pastor will be on the Elder Board, he needs to meet the spiritual and character qualifications of elder as found in 1 Timothy 3:1–7 and Titus 1:6–9 and to exhibit the fruit of the Spirit as found in Galatians 5:22. He should be wise, discerning, decisive, sensitive, tender, and firm. He should be a man of prayer and a man of the Word, sensitive to what the Spirit is saying to SRBC. He should devote himself to daily prayer and Bible reading for the sake of guarding himself from sin and stirring up his heart and mind to renewed passion for Christ, and should lead his family in regular times in the Word and prayer.

Minister with a heart for the city, encouraging Biblically-directed multicultural relationships.  Come alongside those in need, both with an ability to affirm their dignity, and willingness to learn from their insight.

The Associate Pastor will prioritize God, marriage/family, and ministry in that order.

Qualifications as determined by the SRBC Constitution and Board of Elders:

Education, Experience, Testimony, Ordination, Teaching, Discipleship, Approved by church membership

This Pastor should be growing in his faith.  He should have significant Pastoral experience, ideally in a multi-cultural and urban ministry setting.

Personal Skills:

Leadership—the Associate Pastor should be able to lead in a variety of contexts (individual, small groups, large groups) in such a way that Jesus Christ and his gospel are central. He should be a self-starter and an initiative-taker.

Relational—the Associate Pastor should have a heart to care for people, not just manage systems; that drive should manifest itself in the appropriation of time.

Administration—while seeking mainly to shepherd and disciple people, the Associate Pastor should have the skill set, ability, and willingness to effectively manage the various administrative tasks associated with the position.

Preaching—the Associate Pastor should be an effective preacher who rightly handles the Word; who joyfully and diligently engages in expository preaching of the Holy Scriptures, and who preaches in a manner the communicates Biblical truth to the SRBC congregation.

Teacher/Equipper—the Associate Pastor should be able to effectively “equip the saints for the work of the ministry.”

Communicator—the Associate Pastor should be able to clearly and concisely communicate the needs and aims of the church and congregation.

Peacemaker—the Associate Pastor should be able to tactfully and winsomely unite people with varying perspectives to advance harmony and love, and to achieve common goals.


Scranton Road Bible Church Ordination Requirements

(excerpted from SRBC Document No. 39)

1) The Candidate will submit a request for Ordination, in writing, to the Board of Elders including personal responses to the following topics:

  • Ordination request letter (or evidence of ordination)
  • Personal testimony,
  • Ministry philosophy,
  • A statement of concurrence with the doctrinal belief statements of SRBC,
  • Ministry education and experience,
  • Personal vision and vision for SRBC
  • Ministry Calling

3) Upon recommendation by the sub-committee, the candidate is interviewed by the Board of Elders. The following questions are provided for response by the candidate during the Elder Board interview:

  • Discuss what it means to you to be entrusted with ministry at SRBC with its legacy of leaders and saints committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Discuss your commitment to the SRBC belief statements, and your ideas on the areas and doctrinal positions that may need to be clarified further.  Describe any doctrinal positions that you personally hold that might vary from SRBC positions.
  • Discuss your heart and vision for yourself personally and for ministry at Scranton Road Bible Church.