Coronavirus Update

Life has changed a lot in the last couple of weeks.

Our last worship service together as a church family was March 8, 2020.   The sounds of kids playing basketball, and running through the halls have faded away.  We have shifted gears completely.  With whole families sheltering in place, people losing jobs, and bans on public gatherings we have begun to transition in ways we think the greatest needs will emerge.

  • We are beefing up our food pantry to meet the needs of kids and families who have become food insecure because they are no longer in school and miss the school breakfasts and lunches.
  • We are bracing to increase our benevolence budget for the economic fallout that may result from the virus.
  • We are planning to move from a monthly neighborhood Hot Meal to a weekly one once we can meet again (we already did a Hot Meal Take Out where people came and got a meal packed to-go).
  • Much of our daily community life has moved online (videos, Zoom meetings, Skype, etc…).
  • We have offered to assist Metro Hospital with any needs that they have over the coming weeks.

And we continue to trust in the Lord…knowing that while this surprises us nothing surprises or moves Him (Is 44:6-8).  We are praying for you during this time and ask that you pray for us.

Please visit our SRBC Live page for this week’s worship service links and online devotions, to get ongoing updates and to learn how you can help,  during the Coronavirus pandemic.


Pastor Mark