Furnishings and Equipment

Furnishing and Equipment Needs

Praise to God, the new building is completed, allowing for us to hold Sunday morning worship services, nursery and Jr. Church classes, as well as programs throughout the week, while the historic church building is receiving some necessary renovations.

Much like when moving into a new house, there are some needs in terms of furniture and equipment to fill some “empty” rooms that we did not have before.

If you are able to help out in any way by underwriting an item or package, or have contacts that might be able to donate some of these items, please contact the church office or personal contact you may have at the church.


1. ‘Close the Gap’. Need $60,000 to fully fund the Building Campaign.

This covers the balance remaining on the complete scope of work; including a fully-finished addition and fully-renovated church building, resulting a seamless Church and Community Ministry Center.

TOTAL$60,000 $20,000

2. Classrooms x 3

Flexible spaces for Biblical instruction, Discipleship, Tutoring and Educational Services, Pro-Bono Legal Services, Parenting classes, Job Training, and many other uses.

(6) Cabinets for Classroom Materials & Equipment ($55 ea.) $330

(5) TV’s and Peripherals for Classroom Instruction $3,000

(3) Cabinets for Teaching Materials & Supplies ($95 ea.) $285

(1) Area-Rug for Pre-school Room for Teaching/Circle Time $210

TOTAL $3,825

3. Multipurpose Room

A large, flexible space providing capacity for worship gatherings, all kinds of recreational ministry, teaching and conference space, community hot meals and many other opportunities.

(8) 5’ Round Tables ($406 ea.)$3,250

A/V for M.P. Room- Including Presentation Projector, Cables & Installation $4,500 Provided!

Stage for Worship Team, Speakers, etc.$3,500 Provided!

TOTAL$11,250 $3,250

Additional Item (still finalizing the need): Sound Absorbing Panel System to provide acoustical clarity in Classrooms & Multi-purpose room $18,000

4. Nursery

To care for our little ones in a safe and nurturing setting.

(1) Wall Mounted Changing Table $170

(1) First Responder Evacuation Crib $350

(3) Wall Cabinets to safely store all supplies $420

TOTAL $940

5. Computer Lab

Providing our church and local community with a networked computing space for relevant educational services, job training, computer & IT training and other services; equipping people with the skills for success.

(10) Laptops for Community Educational & Job Training Services ($700 ea.) $7,000

(6) Mobile Tables for Laptops & Instruction ($240 ea.) $1,440

(1) Laptop Storage & Charging Cart $500

(10) Chairs for participant use ($75 ea.) $750

Additional Networking Hardware & Peripherals $250


6. Youth

To create a safe & fun space for ministry, fellowship and discipleship for church & local youth.

(3) Hi-Top Tables and (6) Chairs for Youth Room($250 ea. Set) $750

Small Lounge Area: Loveseat and 2 Chairs (looking for good quality in-kind donation)

Ping Pong or Foosball Table(or good quality donation)$400 Provided!

TOTAL $1,150 $750

7. Offices and Reception/ Lobby Area

Space for Operations, Counseling, Discipleship, and Training.

(5) Work Desks/Cubicle Spaces for Staff ($1,000 ea.) $5,000 (4) $4,000

(2) Locking Cabinets for Supplies and important files ($215 ea.) $430

(1) Supply Organizer for Common Room $190

(2) Cabinets for Lobby/ Visitor & Org. Information ($180 ea.) $360

(2) Storage Units for Reception Room ($35 ea.) $70

TOTAL$6,050 $5,050

8. Facility-Wide IT and A/V needs*

Building-wide technology and network to facilitate and enhance all ministry and operational functions.

A/V for (5) new Classrooms (Hardware, Cabling and Installation)$3,500 Provided!

Facility-wide IT Network (Cabling, Hardware (WAPs, etc.) and Installation)$6,000 Provided!

Phone System Upgrade (facility-wide)$1,750

TOTAL$11,250 $1,750

9. Kitchen* All provided.

To be used for Community Hot Meals, Banquets, Kids/Youth Programs, Fellowship-wide gatherings, Culinary Classes, etc.

Kitchen Cabinets$6,000

Food Pantry Shelves (2 @ $500 and 2 @ $420) $1,840

Appliances: Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer $3,700

Appliances: Commercial Range $4,900

Commercial Range Hood & Fire Suppression System $25,000

TOTAL $41,440

*The IT-related and Kitchen Equipment, and Multi-purpose A/V have already been secured; but can be still underwritten to help defray costs and free-up funding to be allocated for other needs.