K Groups

We are working to stay connected in fellowship at SRBC through various means.   One we are working on this week is using an online app called “Zoom” to host online K Groups as well as Women’s Prayer on Sunday evenings.  So far, the Sugano K Group and Glenville K Group have tested using this and will be meeting this way for the next couple of weeks.    We hope to roll this out with any of the other K Groups who are interested.

If you are planning to participate in an online K Group, here is some useful information about installing Zoom on your computer, tablet/iPad or smartphone.


 Zoom Instructions

Setting up an account:

Before setting up your account, regardless if it is on your phone, a tablet/iPad or a computer, please read this:

  • You may be asked permission for Zoom to access the video or images on your device. You need to click yes (or approve) if you want the video to work.
  • You may be asked permission for Zoom to access the audio on your device. You need to click yes (or approve) if you want the audio to work.
  • The computer or device you are using needs to have a webcam already installed (many laptops and desktops already have one installed). It usually looks like a small glass/shiny circle at the top of the screen. If it does not have a webcam you will need to find a device that does. Other examples are smart phones or tablets/iPads
  • You will need access to the internet, wifi or mobile data (for phones or iPads).
  • Zoom is available for PC’s, Chromebooks, Apple/Mac, Android. If using a phone or tablet you can install the app using Google PlayStore, the Apple Store, etc. If searching for the app this way, it is called “Zoom Cloud Meetings”. It has a little blue icon with a white video camera. Once you have installed the app, this icon will probably show up on your desktop or shortcuts bar or apps screen in order for you to quickly launch the app.

Without an Invite:

1. Go to https://us04web.zoom.us/ent?zcid=3172

2. Click on “Sign Up, It’s Free”

3. Enter an email address for using Zoom. It will say to enter your work email address, but any email address you have access to will do.

4. Check your email for a verification link.

5. Click on “Activate Account”

6. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and a password

7. Select “Skip this Step” or Enter an email address to invite someone to meet with you

8. To start a meeting, go up to “Host a Meeting” dropdown.

9. Select “With Video On”

10. Click “Open Zoom” on the pop-up dialog box, or else click “Click Here” or click “Download and Run Zoom”

11. To invite a participant click “Invite” on the bottom of the screen.

12. If you typically use Gmail or Yahoo email, select which one you typically use to send your invite. Otherwise, click “Default Email”

With an Invite, on a Computer:

Click on the meeting link in the invite you will receive in your email beneath where it says “Join Zoom Meeting”. It is best to do this a few hours in advance or earlier of when you will actually want to attend the meeting, as the website will prompt you to install the app on your computer.

The app should start to download automatically. Once it does, you will see a file name that begins with Zoom, has some random numbers and letters, and ends with “.exe”. There is an orange box that pops up that tells you to click on the file that has been saved to your computer. Do this. 😊

Click “Run”

Click Join Meeting.


Please read the very beginning of these instructions. If you are still having issues, please email me at lorisugano@scrantonroad.org and we can set up a test meeting to try to figure out what is happening.