Sunday School: Romans Chapter 1

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Romans Chapter 1 Study Guide – Printable PDF

Sunday Bible Study Series: Romans Sunday: 03/22/2020

Macro Theme: “THE Gospel Enlivens THE Christians’ Faith”

Session 1: Chapter 1 Key Verse: Romans 1:16-17

Title: “God’s Offer, Our Response”

Theme (Overarching Meaning):

Accepting God’s Gospel brings Shalom while rejecting God brings Shame.
OUTLINE: The 4 Proclamations.

First: Paul Proclaims the Triune God’s P______________. V.1 -7.

Second: Paul Proclaims his own g____ d____ to be with the church at Rome

Third: Paul Proclaims God’s w______ against those who, having known God,
set out to do evil. V.18-22

Fourth: Paul Proclaims the three (3) bad E_____________. V.23-32

1.) E____________ giving God g_____ to giving worship to man-made i______.
• Resulting in God giving them over to s_______ d__________.
2.) E____________ God’s t_____ for l____.
• Resulting in God giving them over to s_________ l_______.
3.) E____________ God’s _____for sexual intimacy for man’s p___________
sexual intimacy.
• Resulting in God giving them over to d__________ m______.

THE Gospel is________________________________________________

THE Gospel described.
V.1 It’s the Gospel of G___
V.2 It’s the Gospel P_________ P____________
V.9 It’s the Gospel of God’s S___
V.15 It’s the Gospel P___________
V.16 It’s the Gospel’s P_______
V.17 It’s the Gospel’s R___________ of God’s Righteousness

What is the anticipated response to such an offer?______________________

What is faith in the ‘generic’ sense? __________________________________

THE Christians’ Faith is__________________________________________

How does THE Christians’ Faith come into existence? Romans __:__
“Faith comes by h________, and hearing by the W____ of Christ.”

THE Christians’ Faith described.
V.5 Faith’s O__________
V.8 Faith R__________
V.12 Faith’s M____________
V.17a Faith’s R____________ of God’s Righteousness
V.17b Faith’s H_________
V.17c Faith’s W___

John 1:1 _________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________

What is the function of THE Christians’ Faith in the act of salvation? Eph 2:8
What is impossible without faith? Heb 11:6 _________________________

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