Sunday School: Romans Chapter 2

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Romans Chapter 2 Study Guide – Printable PDF

Sunday Bible Study Series: Romans Sunday: 03/29/2020

Macro Theme: “THE Gospel Enlivens THE Christians’ Faith”

Session _2_: Chapter _2_ Key Verse: 2:29

Title: God’s knows no Cliques. (Romans 2:11 & Galatians 3:28)

Theme (Main Meaning):
“Check Myself – I’m Really Like Everyone Else! In need of God.”


I. Verses 1 – 5: “I’m talking to each of you, personally!”
A. v.1 “Therefore” _________, __________. You have no excuse.
B. v.1-5 “I’m ____________ to YOU!”
C. Don’t think that these sins ______ reside in vile evil unbelievers.
D. Be sober in evaluating your own _______, your_______.
E. Beatitudes: Matt 7:___ – Judge not that you be judged (Luke 6:___)
This is re-stated in Romans 14:___ as well.
F. R_______ in thought, word and d___ rather than
presume on the Kindness of God.
G. Rather, live h_______ God’s K_________, fully embrace THE Gospel.

II. Verses: 6 – 11: “How will you Respond knowing that THE Judge is Impartial?”
God judges rightly because He is able to judge the I___________s of one’s heart.
Psalm 44:21, Luke 6:46, Luke 16:15, John 14:15 and 21, Acts 15:18

God is impartial because He is T______. John 14:6
God is really concerned with our heart’s condition, it’s I __________.

III. Verses 12 – 29: “Real Chosen Children Need to . . . . . . . . ”
V.12 Know that Sin occurs with or without a s_______ law.
V.13 Make their right relationship with God e_______. James 2:18
V14-15 Know that people’s inward consciences r_______ the stated law.
V.16 Know that God k______. Psalm 44:21.
V.17-24 Know that one must practice what one p_______, or God is dishonored.
V.25-29 Know that one’s Outward appearance has value only if u______ to inward
devotion to God.
V.29 know that the important praise from _____.

Thank you for taking time to join us in searching the Scriptures so that we grow a deeper, more meaningful, intimate relationship with God.