Sunday School: Romans Chapter 7

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Sunday Bible Study Series: Romans

Macro Theme: “THE Gospel Enlivens THE Christians’ Faith”

Session _7_: Chapter _7_ Key Verse: _7:6_

Title: The Battle is ON ! !

Theme (Main Meaning):
You are secure In Christ Jesus our Lord eternally, yet you will battle sin in your body while your earthly body is still alive.

First, the following 2 conditions have been, and are, evident for all mankind since Adam and Eve.
1.) Sin ___ _____ the body (Psalm 51:5) (Rom 6:12)
2.) Mankind ___ ___ ____ (spiritually _____ to God) (Eph 2:1)

Next, a change has occurred for the true Christian believer by new birth by the Holy Spirit (2 Cor 5:7) (John 3:3)
1.) While sin ___ _____ ___ the body (Psalm 51:5) (Rom 6:12),
2.) The true Christian __ ____ __ Christ (spiritually ______ to God). (Ch.5 & 6)

Therefore sin __ ___ __ the body of the believer, and will be so until their body dies.

A. Dead to the Law and _____ to Christ. (V. 1 – 6)
1.) Death ends a relationship. A death then allows for a ____ relationship. (v.1-4)
2.) Death to the Law allows a ____________ life with Jesus, our Lord. (v.4)
3.) Death to the letter of the Law. Alive to the ____ Way of the _______. (v.6)

B. God’s is holy, righteous and good, but . . . . . . . (V.7 – 13)
1.) The Law did a great service. It _____________ sin as sin.(7-13)
2.) The Law made Paul see his _________ sin, coveting. (v.7b-8)
3.) The Law made clear how _______ sin really is (v.13)

C. Paul’s Confession: Sin and the Struggle ( V.14 – 25)
1.) Paul’s confession of sinning but ____ wanting to sin is every Christian’s battle.
2.) Paul’s, our, good intentions of our spirit are __________ by our flesh. (v.21-23)
3.) Paul answers his cry for ______ from his body, God, Jesus Christ the Lord. (v.25a)

Thank you for taking time to join us in searching the Scriptures so that we grow a deeper, more meaningful, intimate relationship with God.